Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma (6) 3* (2000)


Un'indagine sul concetto di funzione nella scuola secondaria

In memoria di Francesco Speranza

Pages: 91-122
Received: 10 Febbraio 2000   
Mathematics Subject Classification: 97C30 - 97U20

Abstract: The concept of function is widely treated in didactic literature for what concerns the aspects of difficulties of learning and misconceptions.

I try also to interpret students' believes as transition stages among morphologic, syntactic and semantic aspects. Modern presentation of the concept of function is closed to ideas of infinity (potential and actual). It is the arrival point of a long evolution.
It is quite strange that in Italian schools this is, in general, the first real object to whom students are faced with, disregarding the historical development. With a more accurate analysis we can find implicit occurrences of functions in primary school andlater in treatment of polynomials. These occurrences can be found across history of mathematics. They often hide the use and the concept of variable such as appears in logic.

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