Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma (6) 3* (2000)


L'uso di mediatori artistici e informatici per l'insegnamento della Geometria

In memoria di Francesco Speranza

Pages: 183-197
Received: 8 Maggio 2000   
Mathematics Subject Classification: ZDM 97-02 - 97 A0 20 - 97U70

Abstract: This work was inspired by a periodic drawing of M. C. Escher, based on a pentagonal tessellation. First we have reconstructed the basic pentagon by means of the CABRI software, then we have identified the basic grid and link from which the drawing derives. It is recognized that it falls under the C4 type in the 17-group classification of patterns design.This allows to treat the issue of geometry and its teaching, providing suggestions of pedagogical relevance. Finally we deal with the theme of the plane covering by pentagons and its fundamental points are illustrated.

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