Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma, Volume 3 - Number 1 - 2012

Proceedings of the Intensive Research Month on
Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Fluid Dynamics
Parma (Italy), February 1 - 28, 2010

Edited by

Emilio Acerbi, Claudio Arezzo, Gianluca Crippa, Camillo De Lellis, Giuseppe Mingione


Introduction III-IV

L. C. Berselli and S. Spirito
A remark on the Euler equations in dimension two 1-23
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D. Catania and P. Secchi
Global regularity for some MHD-α systems 25-39
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C. Christoforou and L. V. Spinolo
On the physical and the self-similar viscous approximation of a boundary Riemann problem 41-54
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R. M. Colombo and F. Marcellini
Smooth and discontinuous junctions in the p-system and in the 3 × 3 Euler system 55-69
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F. Golse
Homogenization and kinetic models in extended phase-space 71-89
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F. James and N. Vauchelet
On the hydrodynamical limit for a one dimensional kinetic model of cell aggregation by chemotaxis 91-113
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M. Lécureux-Mercier
Stability of scalar balance laws and scalar non-local conservation laws 115-130
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E. Miot
Two existence results for the vortex-wave system 131-146
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A. Morando and P. Secchi
Weakly well posed characteristic hyperbolic problems 147-162
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D. Tonon
Some applications of the SBV Regularity Theorem for entropy solutions of 1D scalar conservation laws to Convection Theory and sticky particles 163-175
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