Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma, Volume 6 - Number 2 - 2015


Yoshiaki Fukuma
Sectional class of ample line bundles on smooth projective varieties 215-240
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Bahram A. Aliev, Nargul K. Kurbanova and Yakov Yakubov
Solvability of the abstract Regge boundary value problem and asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues of one abstract spectral problem 241-265
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Alberto Dolcetti and Donato Pertici
Some differential properties of \(GL_n(\mathbb{R})\) with the trace metric 267-286
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Edoardo Ballico
Rank \(r\) spanned vector bundles with extremal Chern classes on a smooth surface 287-303
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Anass Ourraoui
On a nonlocal \(\overrightarrow{p}(.)-\)Laplacian equations via genus theory 305-316
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Laura Capuano and Ilaria Del Corso
A note on upper ramification jumps in Abelian extensions of exponent p 317-329
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Satish Shukla
Generalized Nadler \(G\)-contraction in cone metric spaces over Banach algebras endowed with a graph 331-343
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Carole Louis-Rose and Jean Vélin
On a non-existence result involving the fractional \(p\)-Laplacian 345-355
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