Riv. Mat. Univ. Parma, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2016

Genni Fragnelli[a], Patrick Martinez[b] and Judith Vancostenoble [c]

A new age-dependent population model with diffusion and gestation processes

Pages: 321-339
Received: 15 January 2016
Accepted: 27 June 2016
Mathematics Subject Classification (2010): 35Q92, 35B40, 35B51.
Keywords: Population dynamics, coupled equations, qualitative properties, asymptotic behaviour.
Author address:
[a]: Università degli Studi di Bari, Dipartimento di Matematica , Via Orabona 4, 70125 Bari, Italy
[b], [c]: University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, 118 route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse cedex 9, France

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Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a new age-structured population model with diffusion and gestation processes and make a complete study of the qualitative properties of its solutions. The model is in the spirit of a model introduced in [13, 15] and studied in [10]. We aim here to correct some weakness of the model that was pointed out in [10].


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