Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma, Volume 10 - Number 2 - 2019

Proceeding of 9th Summer School on
'Methods and Models of Kinetic Theory' (M&MKT 2018)
Porto Ercole (Grosseto, Italy) June 10-16, 2018
Edited by
Maria Groppi


Introduction III

Axel Klar
Interacting fiber structures: mathematical aspects and applications   199-268
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Maria J. Cáceres
A review about nonlinear noisy leaky integrate and fire models for neural networks   269-298
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Gabriella Puppo
Kinetic models of BGK type and their numerical integration   299-349
Details   |   Full Text (PDF)

Claudia Negulescu
Analytical and numerical aspects of the linear and non-linear Schrödinger equation   351-446
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