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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement
The publication of an article in a peer reviewed journal is an essential model for our journal "Rivista di Matematica della Università di Parma". It is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer and the publisher. Our ethic statements are based on the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society ....  read more

"Rivista di Matematica della Università di Parma" was founded in 1949 (original notification) by Antonio Mambriani in order to build a forum for the publication of papers by both young and well known mathematicians.


From 1950 to 2009 the journal published 75 volumes, in eight series, with articles of prominent mathematicians and others, younger at that time, who have achieved the same level in the following years (historical papers). Today the journal is available in many university libraries in 29 different countries around the world. The journal is traditionally headed by a member of the Department of Mathematical, Physical and and Computer Sciences of the University of Parma (Regulation). Since 2010 the journal began a collaboration with a new international Scientific Committee composed by 14 high-level mathematicians in different branches of Mathematical Sciences. Consequently, starting from 2010 Rivista, is printed with a new layout and new numeration. First volume of this new series is Volume 1, Number 1, 2010.

serie 1 (1950-1959) - Antonio MAMBRIANI
serie 2 (1960-1971) - Carmelo LONGO
serie 3 (1972-1974) - Francesco SPERANZA
serie 4 (1975-1991) - Bianca MANFREDI
serie 5 (1992-1997) - Gian Battista RIZZA
serie 6 (1998-2001) - Giampiero SPIGA
serie 7 (2002-2008) - Alessandra LUNARDI
serie 8/N.S. (2009-2020) - Adriano TOMASSINI
(2021-present) - Alessandro ZACCAGNINI