Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma, Volume 14 - Number 2 - 2023

Special Issue
Teaching mathematical modelling: follow up of EDU-SIMAI 2021
Parma, 31 August 2021
Edited by
Chiara Andrà, Laura Branchetti


Introduction III-VI

Johanna Schoenherr and Stanislaw Schukajlow
Does drawing help or hinder creativity when solving a modelling problem? Findings from an eye-tracking study   233-248
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Aaron Gaio
A cryptography teaching-learning sequence for high school and the concept of public-key cryptography   249-264
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Sebastian Geisler
Mathematical modelling with experiments: students sense of validation and its relevance   265-280
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Susana Vásquez, Berta Barquero and Marianna Bosch
A Study and Research Path about the evolution of COVID-19 at secondary school: Conditions for an interdisciplinary approach   281-298
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Esteban Pablo-Díaz, Avenilde Romo-Vázquez and Mario Sánchez Aguilar
A Redesign of a mathematical modelling teaching proposal based on the Hazen-Williams model for engineering education   299-315
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Caterina Bassi and Domenico Brunetto
Students' mathematical modelling competencies developed in addressing a real-world problem   317-332
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Eleonora Barelli, Berta Barquero and Laura Branchetti
Questioning the evolution of the pandemic in an interdisciplinary way: the design of a Study and Research Path for pre-service Teacher Education   333-353
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Chiara Andrà and Francesca Martignone
Challenges in modelling in early years of school: The case of Adele   355-368
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Matteo Pezzutto
Sustainability in mathematical classes: A single case study on a teacher   369-384
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