Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma, Volume 12 - Number 2 - 2021


Mohamed Abdalla, Zahia Mostefaoui and Fuli He
Some fixed point results in ordered bicomplex-valued metric spaces   201-219
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Hajimohammad Mohammadinejad, Saeed Jani and Omid RabieiMotlagh
Mathematical analysis for oncolytic virotherapy   221-238
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Hakan Mete Taştan and Sibel Gerdan Aydin
Some results on warped and twisted products   239-244
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Karim Chaira, Soumia Chaira and Samih Lazaiz
Best proximity point theorems in Banach Algebras   245-266
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Mohammad Ashraf and Aisha Jabeen
On generalized matrix algebras having multiplicative generalized Lie type derivations   267-285
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Venkatesha Venkatesha, Huchchappa Aruna Kumara and Devaraja Mallesha Naik
On \(m\)-quasi Einstein almost Kenmotsu manifolds   287-299
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Horst Alzer and Man Kam Kwong
Inequalities for sine and cosine polynomials   301-317
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Azat Miftakhov
Modulus of continuity for a martingale sequence   319-326
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Ezio Venturino and Sharon Zytynska
Modelling multispecies interactions and horizontal transmission of aphid bacterial symbionts   327-383
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