Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma, Volume 13 - Number 2 - 2022

Proceedings of the meeting
Cohomology of Complex Manifolds and Special Structures, II
Levico Terme (Trento), July 5-9, 2021
Edited by
Costantino Medori, Massimiliano Pontecorvo, Adriano Tomassini


Introduction III

Adara M. Blaga and Antonella Nannicini
Statistical structures, α-connections and Generalized Geometry   283-296
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Joana Cirici
Cup and Massey products on the cohomology of compact almost complex manifolds   297-305
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Tatsuo Suwa
Relative Dolbeault cohomology   307-352
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Stefano Marini
On finitely Levi non degenerate homogeneous CR manifolds   353-372
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Daniele Angella and Francesco Pediconi
A survey on locally homogeneous almost-Hermitian spaces   373-418
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Nicoletta Tardini
Hodge theory on almost-Hermitian manifolds   419-437
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Liviu Ornea and Misha Verbitsky
Compact homogeneous locally conformally Kähler manifolds are Vaisman. A new proof   439-448
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Federico A. Rossi
New special Einstein pseudo-Riemannian metrics on solvable Lie algebras   449-479
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Weiyi Zhang
Almost complex Hodge theory   481-504
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Giuseppe Barbaro, Filippo Fagioli and Ángel David Ríos Ortiz
A survey on rational curves on complex surfaces   505-534
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Andrea Cattaneo
Almost complex manifolds from the point of view of Kodaira dimension   535-549
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Nobuhiro Honda and Ayato Minagawa
On the cuspidal locus in the dual varieties of Segre quartic surfaces   551-610
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Ryushi Goto
Moduli spaces of Einstein-Hermitian generalized connections over generalized K¨hler manifolds of symplectic type   611-649
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Jun Li, Tian-Jun Li and Weiwei Wu
The space of tamed almost complex structures on symplectic 4-manifolds via symplectic spheres   651-670
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Riccardo Piovani
Harmonic (1,1)-forms on compact almost Hermitian 4-manifolds   671-692
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