Riv.Mat.Univ.Parma, Volume 7 - Number 2 - 2016

Proceedings of the
New advances in PDE's, Inverse Problems and Control Theory
Parma (Italy), July 6 - 10, 2015
Edited by
Angelo Favini, Genni Fragnelli, Luca Lorenzi


Introduction III-IV

Luciano Pandofi
Controllability for the heat equation with memory: a recent approach 259-277
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Mourad Choulli
Various stability estimates for the problem of determining an initial heat distribution from a single measurement 279-307
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Angelo Favini, Noboru Okazawa and Jan Prüss
Singular perturbation approach to Legendre type operators 309-319
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Genni Fragnelli, Patrick Martinez and Judith Vancostenoble
A new age-dependent population model with diffusion and gestation processes 321-339
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Anna Canale and Cristian Tacelli
Kernel estimates for a Schrödinger type operator 341-350
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Patrick Martinez, Jacques Tort and Judith Vancostenoble
Lipschitz stability for an inverse problem for the 2D-Sellers model on a manifold 351-389
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Paola Loreti and Daniela Sforza
Hidden regularity for wave equations with memory 391-405
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Dimitri Mugnai
Ground state solutions for a system of weakly coupled nonlinear fractional equations in the entire space 407-419
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Luciana Angiuli and Luca Lorenzi
On the estimates of the derivatives of solutions to nonautonomous Kolmogorov equations and their consequences 421-471
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