Riv. Mat. Univ. Parma - Vol. (3) 1 (1972), pp. II + 307


G. FERRERO, Osservazioni sugli elementi di prima categoria in un gruppo. 1-14  |   Full Text (PDF)
I. AGRAWAL and R. K. SAXENA, An Infinite Integral Involving Meijer's G-Function. 15-21  |   Full Text (PDF)
F. AMAD, On reducing a Quartic. 23-25  |   Full Text (PDF)
G. L. CARAFFINI, Su un teorema di unicitÓ per le vibrazioni della trave viscoelastica. 27-36  |   Full Text (PDF)
S. P. SINGH, Fixed point Theorems in Metric Spaces. 37-40  |   Full Text (PDF)
A. M. HAMZA, Integrals Involving Bessel Polynomials. 41-46  |   Full Text (PDF)
S. P. SINGH and C. W. NORRIS, Fixed Point Theorems in Generalized Metric Space. 47-51  |   Full Text (PDF)
W. MIELANTS, The Enumeration of Classes of Homotopic Equivalent Topologies. 53-59  |   Full Text (PDF)
M. SERVI, Paracompattezza e isolamento. 61-71  |   Full Text (PDF)
C. A. COPPIN and J. F. VANCE, On a Generalized Riemann-Stieltjes Integral. 73-78  |   Full Text (PDF)
P.K. JAIN, A Theorem on the Means of an Entire Function. 79-82  |   Full Text (PDF)
W. MIELANTS, On the Number of Ordering-Stuctures. 83-89  |   Full Text (PDF)
A. A. KHAN, On the Summability |C,ak| of a Power Series. 91-96  |   Full Text (PDF)
G. FERRERO, Su certe geometrie gruppali naturali. 97-111  |   Full Text (PDF)
P. K. KAMTHAN and P. K. JAIN, Remarks on the Geometric Means of Entire Functions of Several Complex Variables. 113-117  |   Full Text (PDF)
L. S. DUBE, On Common Fixed Points. 119-124  |   Full Text (PDF)
G. FERRERO, Deformazioni, raffinamenti e composizioni di funzioni di Steiner. (I) 125-142  |   Full Text (PDF)
K. L. SINGH, S. DEB and B. GARDNER, On Contraction Mappings. 143-151  |   Full Text (PDF)
I. POP, Torsional Oscillations of a Porous Infinite Disk under a Circular Magnetic Field. 153-163  |   Full Text (PDF)
M. M. MATTAMAL, Completion of a Lebesgue Integral. 165-172  |   Full Text (PDF)
L. BERTANI, Costruzione di disegni regolari. 173-178 |   Full Text (PDF)
R. N. PANDEY, On [R, log m.log n , 2] Summability of Double Fourier Series. 179-187  |   Full Text (PDF)
D. MONTEVERDI, SH relative e pseudolimiti. 189-194  |   Full Text (PDF)
R. A. ALO, C. A. CHENEY and A. DE KORVIN, The Vitali-Hahn-Saks Theorem for Operator Valued Linear Mappings. 195-202  |   Full Text (PDF)
C. FERRERO COTTI, Sugli stems il cui prodotto Ŕ distribuito rispetto a se stesso. 203-220  |   Full Text (PDF)
B. B. SINHA and G. DAS, General F-Connection and H-Projectively Related Connections in Almost Product Space. 221-230  |   Full Text (PDF)
L. GUIDOTTI, Sulla divisibilitÓ dei grafi completi. 231-237  |   Full Text (PDF)
V. SINGH, On a Relation Between Harmonic Summabulity and Riemann Summability. 239-246  |   Full Text (PDF)
B. D'AMORE, Alcune considerazioni circa i grafi bipartiti orientati. 247-251  |   Full Text (PDF)
R. S. VARMA, Absolute Norlund Summability of a Factored Fourier Series. 253-263  |   Full Text (PDF)
D. W. BALLEW, Invertible Ideals in Orders. 265-274  |   Full Text (PDF)
B. D'AMORE, Alcuni risultati sui grafi bipartiti orientati, sui grafi complementari e sulla completezza dei grafi connessi. 275-277  |   Full Text (PDF)
C. M. IOSHI and J. P. SINGHAL, Operational Formulas Associated with a Class of Polynomials Unifying the Generalized Hermite and Laguerre Polynomials. 279-286  |   Full Text (PDF)
H. LAL, Semi-primary Ideals of Commutative Rings. 287-292  |   Full Text (PDF)
R. B. GUENTHER, Solution of Certain Problems on the Unsaturated Flow of Liquids in a Porous Medium. 293-307  |   Full Text (PDF)