Riv. Mat. Univ. Parma - Vol. (4) 14 (1988), pp.V + 330


P. AZZIMONDI, Generalizzazione di un risultato di J. Danes. 39-48  |   Full Text (PDF)
D. D. BAINOV A. D. MYSHKIS and A. I. ZAHARIEV, On the oscillatory properties of the solutions of non-linear neutral functional differential equations of second order. 113-119  |   Full Text (PDF)
G. BALASUBRAMANIAN, On a generalization of paracompact spaces. 49-52  |   Full Text (PDF)
N. BALDISSERRI, Estensione al caso bidimensionale di risultati di Sylvester e Lucas. 261-270  |   Full Text (PDF)
G. BELTRAMI and G. L. CARAFFINI, A note on temperature, density and velocity in a gas. 231-236  |   Full Text (PDF)
A. BENINI, Sums of near-rings. 135-141  |   Full Text (PDF)
H. BOR, A relation between two summability methods. 107-112  |   Full Text (PDF)
P. BUEKEN and L. VANHECKE, Curvature characterizations in contact geometry. 303-313  |   Full Text (PDF)
T. CARDINALI e F. PAPALINI, Sulle semicontinuità inferiore e superiore di una multifunzione. 193-214  |   Full Text (PDF)
P. CHANDRA, Degree of approximation of continuous functions. 61-70  |   Full Text (PDF)
A. CIALDEA, Formule di maggiorazione e teoremi di completezza relativi al sistema dell'elasticità tridimensionale. 283-302  |   Full Text (PDF)
G. CIMATTI, On the problem of the electrical heating of a conductor. 53-59  |   Full Text (PDF)
R. FAZIO, On the breaking waves in a channel or in a fluid filled elastic tube with arbitrary cross-sectional area. 71-79  |   Full Text (PDF)
M.FEDRIZZI, M. SQUILLANTE and A. G. S. VENTRE, On the range of -decomposable measures. 249-259  |   Full Text (PDF)
G. GENTILI, Alcune proprietà per la funzione di rilassamento in viscoelasticità lineare. 121-133  |   Full Text (PDF)
C. JIAN-NING, On Ikenberry's theorem. 157-173  |   Full Text (PDF)
A. LETIZIA, Semimoduli g-Noetheriani. 271-281  |   Full Text (PDF)
L. LUPACCIOLU, Some remarks on the hypoellipticity of the $\overline\partial$-problem and the local extendibility of CR-functìons. 175-180  |   Full Text (PDF)
D. MARCU, Note on the algebraic matroids. 151-156  |   Full Text (PDF)
D. MONAR, Affine connections on manifolds with almost contact 3-structure. 237-248  |   Full Text (PDF)
N. P. MUKHERJEE and R. KHAZAL, On the normal index of maximal subgroups of a finite group. 215-221  |   Full Text (PDF)
N. PRATI, A fuzzy alternative set theory. 181-191  |   Full Text (PDF)
G.B. RIZZA, Geometric meaning of some equalities concerning the curvature tensor. 321-330  |   Full Text (PDF)
R. SCAPELLATO, Semigroup identities in near-rings. 315-319  |   Full Text (PDF)
C. SCARAVELLI, Contrattività comune e teoremi di punto unito. 25-37  |   Full Text (PDF)
S. L. SINGH and B. D. PANT, Common fixed points of a family of mappings in Menger and uniform spaces. 81-85  |   Full Text (PDF)
N. SOARE, Sur quelques f-connexions lineaires. 143-150  |   Full Text (PDF)
H. M. SRIVASTAVA, A unified presentation of certain classes of series of the Riemann zeta function. 1-23  |   Full Text (PDF)
L. TANZI CATTABIANCHI, I contributi di Vito Volterra alla balistica da aeromobili. 87-105  |   Full Text (PDF)
A. C. WILDE, Properties of affine projections. 223-229  |   Full Text (PDF)

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